I began by reviewing the brief which was to to expore how to use cloth to convey a function, meaning or purpose. I would need to use 2-3 textile techniques in order to ultimately familiarize myself with a new textile process. I then started sketching / brainstorming ideas and then chose one direction to go with which was ???????????????/

researched color-changing dye techniques

found online imagery and patterns

Based on my research, I measured and designed a paper model. I bought materials (canvas, dye, buttons, velcro, etc), test dyed, and then dyed the full fabric. I cut the pattern and sewed it together. I tested it on a model and made adjustments.

I then started mixing color-changing dye and dyed the patterns. I cut the attachments and adhered to the jumpsuit with velcro. 

I finally photographed and took videos of model wearing it. I used the photos to design a look book publication on indesign and printed bound, and displayed it along with the jumpsuit and a UV light for the final presentation. 

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